Promoting creation of decent jobs through apprenticeship and entrepreneurship skills training.
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The training targeted disadvantaged groups, women, and youth who were not able to proceed with formal education and had potential to be productive for Nigeria, learning in a creative way that would enable them become job creators other than job seekers. The training is empowering them in practical application of their talents, skills, community needs and wants as well as spotting opportunities through underutilized or little used community resources.





What customers think and feel.

  • ·         You have never attended school because of your family background and other circumstances?
  • ·         You were not opportune to continue with your education?
  • ·         Are you disadvantaged in your life naturally or acquired?
  • ·         Have you been displaced from your own home because of internal community conflicts, insurgency and or due to disaster?
  • ·         Do you lack employment?
  • ·         Do you lack food, income and basic needs in life to support your family?
  • ·         Do you with to live a decent life and you’re your family?
  • ·         Do you have a talent and or a skill and have not unleashed your potential for success?
  • ·         Do you need to start your own business and be your own boss?
  • ·         Do you need to make money and improve your like hoods?
  • ·         Do you have a business Idea and want to turn it into a plan?
  • ·         Do you want to attend an apprenticeship skills training that empower you to be your own boss?
  • ·         Do you want to attend an entrepreneurship skills training that will change your life?
  • ·         Do you need linkages to markets and financial services to leverage your business idea?
  • ·         Do you need to be trained as a trainer and in turn become a change agent in your own community to contribute to employment creation in your Local Government Area, State, and or Nigeria as a whole?


If any of the responses is yes to these questions, then you have got the answer in .